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I am now accepting personal slaves into my life, these are highly coveted positions and spaces are limited. 

You may apply to serve any of the following using the contact page below

Submissions must only be made in writing 

Do not contact me on positions by call or text

Failure to comply will lead to a unblock fee

If you do not see a job that is listed to suit your needs then you defeat the purpose of personal slave and you do not need to read any further

Only successful candidates will be chosen

*Submissions will be subject to my approval 

*£50 Amazon Voucher 

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Personal Chauffeur

Living in Birmingham or surrounding areas 

Must have own vehicle  

Full valid drivers license

Available seven days a week 

Daytime and evenings

Required for essential travel and airport runs

Uber Business

Addison Lee

Add me to your business accounts


Food Shopping Slave

Weekly | Fortnightly

Full grocery shop


Marks and Spencers Birmingham

Waitrose Birmingham 



House Cleaner
Bath | Toilet
*Maid outfit not required


Financial Slave

Financial Slave
Weekly | Monthly Allowance 
Rent Paid
Bills Paid
Cash Drops
Payments can be set up by standing orders


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