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I Am The Best

MF told me I made her sick, I fucking loved it. Amazing

Slave A

I would crawl happily just to be ignored by this perfect woman

Slave P


Slave J

pink latex 8.jpeg

Goddess Frankie has shown me the truth about what i truly am. Its clear to me now that i am a natural simp for her and through my total submission i am utterly liberated.

My Mistress is easily the best dominatrix i have ever known!

Being Goddess Frankies bitch is the best feeling and way beyond anything i thought possible. Humiliation overload every time i simp withought fail. Forget mere button pushing because Goddess Frankie is tapping in secret codes and its nothing less than pure sorcery.

A true natural dominant absolutley the best in the business no contest whatsoever.

Comments: Awesome Femdom delivered with seeminly effortless skill and blinding precision that just gets better and better. I exsist to serve Goddess Frankie and that is what i want more than anything.

Slave V

Beautiful, intelligent, perceptive, brilliant femdom.

Slave W

We talked well into the small hours, I loved every minute of speaking to her

Slave L


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