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Contracts are to be completed with a tribute or voucher code payment first.

Do not ring me or text me to discuss details. Failure to comply will lead to a unblock fee.

Serious Slaves Only Apply.

Rates and times will de discussed and added to a pdf file subsequently after.

Contract Lengths 

3 months 

6 months 

12 months

Contracts may be renewed at my


Contract commences once the tribute or voucher has been sent.

Blackmail Fantasy Contract

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*You may submit your own fantasy in your submission. 

"Buy your way out" and I'll destroy the evidence.

Details will be sent out following instructions on how to send your photos and personal details upon receipt of payment.

I own your life.

Contract set up fee £200 

Pay Here

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Scenario 1

I have humiliating photos and videos of you doing unquestionable things. 
I have your family contact details, when they find out you will be disowned. 
I have the power to expose you with one click.
You are so pathetic.

Scenario 2

You've been sending me "I love you" and filthy sexting messages. 
What you didn't know is I have screen shot everything! 
One click to send and she receives the lot. 
You better not let your wife find out!

Scenario 3

Family members are in for a shock, when they see just what you get up to behind closed doors. 
I am going to expose you with all of you're dirty photos and videos to your mum, dad and entire family. 
You are disgusting.

Chastity Contract

Chastity is for the most useless cocks on the planet and yours is no exception. 

You fail to satisfy any woman let alone yourself and this is why you are to be locked up. 

Who wants to see that shrimp penis anyway? 

Rule 1. No wanking

 Rule 2. No touching 

You will follow and obey my orders 

If you disobey I will make sure your loser cock will never see the light of day

Lock up length times 

1 week £150

2 weeks £250

3 weeks £400

4 weeks £500

Longer periods can be arranged. Key holding is an additional £50 a week holding fee.

Upon completion you will receive a humiliating video message from me.

You will then send me photos as proof for the duration (you may wish to cover your face). 

Rates and time lengths will be discussed and added to a pdf file subsequently after.

*Chastity cages must be provided by yourself, do not ask me to provide one for you. 

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Sissy Blackmail Contract

Have you got your bras and panties on? 

Have you got your fishnet stockings on? 

Are you all dressed up just gagging for cock ?

You sissy little bitch! 

I`ll have you dressed up and completely humiliated slut. 

And I`ll pimp your dirty arse out bitch

Start your sissy contract now and live your best life with me 

Contract set up fee £200 

Pay Here

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xlosers 19.JPEG

Pimptress Contract

You have completely signed your life away to me. 

 To be USED as a permanent fuck slut.

I own and control both your body and mind.

Your going to pay for my lifestyle using only your holes.

Media and details are arranged for you to start working immediately.

Alphas can be sent to your current location or you can meet with myself for my added enjoyment

Buy your way out by getting used and abused you slut 

Contract set up fee £1000

Pay here

xlosers 13.png

Slave Contract

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